Let’s start with a couple characters who are half sea start this! Who is Whitey?

Whitey is a young man sliced with half great white in him. Whitey has shark teeth tattoos on the right side of his cheek. He has white hair, 3 rows of piercing sharp teeth, and his nails are like claws that rip things in two. Whitey is very muscular and grins evilly all the time. He has blue eyes and looks suprisingly handsome. But don’t let that fool you. He’s very mean and more then once threatens to kill Nere and her friends. One of the times he plays hunt and seek in a maze in the second book. It’s total darkness and Nere doesn’t know where she is in the maze. The lights turn on and wasp is reaching out her i gloves hand towards Neres face. Nere kicks her in the nose. Wasp then tells Whitey to destroy Nere. “With pleasure.” He says. He then bars his teeth and lunges for Nere, his claws lunging forward. His hair flying back, and his teeth as white as the snow, and as sharp as a spear. He was inches away from hurting Nere when Dai came and stood in front of Nere with a loaded spear gun. Another time he sliced Nere in the shoulder with a dart! Luckily it was just a graze. Whitey has sharp eyes and in the book it says he stares at them with deadly eyes. And it says he looks at them like he once to rip them all to shreds. He punches Mako a lot, and calls Nere ”Princess” all the time. Whitey is a interesting character. Some people like him. Others think he’s a jerk. He stays a bad guy all through the Neptune challenge. Whitey can be challenging at times, and he talks like “hey bro.” Over all this character is unpredictable and is Quik on his feet.

Who is Sham?

Sham has orca spliced into him. He hangs out with Mako, Whitey, and Wasp. Sham is very big, and VERY muscular. He’s mean selfish, and does not like to be messed with.he helps whitey a lot, and holds back anyone he doesn’t like. Sham has black hair with a white streak in it. And dark eyes. He has orca tattoo on his right cheek. Sham follows orders from whitey most of the time. But other times he does what he wants. He’s very strong, and looks floppy, and uncomfortable out of the water. He has a muscular body and is very very strong. He followed Mako, Nere, Tobin, and Robry, one time in the book. They went into the maze. Mako tried to keep Sham away from everyone else. But Sham was so close to ripping Nere and her friends to shreds. Sham is strong, and someone not to mess with,

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