Background information
Full name Rad
Other names The Sparkhead
Personality Charismatic,cheerful
Appearance(s) Brown hair with coffee brown eyes
Birthday N/A
Occupation N/A
Alignment Nere
Affiliations Nere's(Current)


Home Atlantea(Former)

Safety Harbour(Current)

Relatives N/A
Pets Sparky the eel
Allies Shadow

Sunny Ocho Dai Nere Tobin Robry Ree(Potential Love interest) Kali Mako

Likes Ree(Potential Love interest)
Dislikes Sham

Whitey Wasp Ran Kuron

Powers and abilities Generating electricity
Weapons Electricity
Fate Alive
Rad was one of the Neptune kids created by the rogue Neptune Project geneticist Ran Kuron.

History Edit

Before The Neptune Project Edit

Before The Neptune Project, Rad was sold away by his mother before he was born and was genetically engineered by Ran Kuron to attempt to create the perfect human to rule the world. His genes were spliced with an electric eel's.

Physical Appearance Edit

Rad is a brown-short haired boy with coffee brown eyes and is considerably skinnier and less muscular as compared to the other Kuron's boys.He also has a lightning shaped tattoo running down his cheek.
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