Ran Kuron is the father of Dai Kuron. Ran Kuron is typically called the bossman,or Kuron.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Kuron was described by the main protagonist of the book, as handsome. Dr. Kuron is tall with short black hair, which is styled carefully and precisely. Dr. Kuron has tan skin and dark , velvety brown eyes, similar to his son's. The man has perfect white teeth.

One of the few times Nere interacted with Ran, he was clad in a black suit with a high collar. This caused him to appear more like a businessman than a scientist.

Personality Edit

Ran Kuron is obsessed with power, and demonstrates his belief that his son, Dai Kuron, is the future of the human race, and will be their king. When Robry hacks into Kuron‘s personal files,he reports that at some times, he seems like a sane, brilliant scientist focused on saving the worlds global warming problems. At other times, he is believed to be a power hungry insane gene splicer, which is his more common appearance.

Dr. Kuron is extremely proud of his son Dai. Kuron continuously praises his son when he indicates his intelligence.

Kuron rarely shows affection, even to his son. His exterior attitude can be very difficult to pinpoint at times, but his anger can be easily be detected. His rage can hardly be contained, and he is prone to angry outbursts. Kuron's emotions can change with the flip of a switch.

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