Maria (Ree)
Some attributes
First Family:

Unnamed Mother Unnnamed Father Isa (Little Sister)

Second Affiliations:

LA Gang Safety Harbor

Third Alive
Other attributes

Appearance Edit

Ree is a tall girl with broad shoulders and muscular arms. She has a strong nose, and she appears as if her ancestors were from Mexico.

Ree's expression is often described as a cool dislike, or sometimes anger. She rarely, if ever, displays a positive emotion,

Ree is clad in a wetsuit that has a seapack, a speargun, and speardarts. The seapack containing a map, several nutrition bars,etc.

History Edit

Ree's real name is Maria.

Ree's father, a genetics professor, was arrested when she was barely old enough to remember it. A famine occurred, and Ree's mother and little sister, Isa, passed away. To survive, Ree joined a gang in LA.

A strange man appeared, and declared that he knew why her lungs were so weak. Later, she followed him to San Diego, where she underwent the transformation.

Crushes Edit

She originally liked Dai, but gets frustrated when he doesn't like her back.

After a while, she likes Kyel, but he dies.

Her current boyfriend is Rad, a neptune transformee who lived in Atlantea. He is one of Kuron's 'mutants' and has electric eel genes spliced in him.

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