Robry Cruz is the younger brother of Nere's best friend from land; Cameron Cruz

Appearance Edit

Robry was compared to his brother, Cameron, appearance wise. Robry has dark eyes, and curly black hair.

He is almost always described to be wearing a seasuit. Gillian gave him his belt and speargun that is equipped with multiple speardarts.

Skills Edit

Robry is said to be a faster swimmer than even Nere

Robry is praised on multiple occasions about his ability to shoot efficiently and accurately.

Robry is a decoder for Safety Harbor, decoding Ran Kuron‘s frequency.

Relationships Edit

Cameron Cruz- Cameron, often referred to as Cam, is Robry's elder brother. The two often bicker with each other, as expected of siblings. Cam and Robry have a good relationship, as there is no evidence to say that they were not very attached to each other.The brothers share a final embrace right before Robry enters the ocean with Nere Hanson and Lena McFadden.

Nere Hanson- Nere Hanson is similar to an older sister figure to Robry. Nere watches over and takes care of him when he is with her.

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