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    So...Dai and Nere are the perfect couple (in 99% of the population's opinion). The prospect of Tobin winning Nere's favor is not good, as he made it quite clear he was hurt by her decision to date Dai, and started to return Shadow's affection. Dai and Nere briefly dated in the third book, but then broke up because Dai cared a lot about Nere and didn't want to hurt her. He was also upset about being lied to, as Nere had told him Whitey had broken her arm after learning Dai had amnesia due to a severe concussion. But it was quite obvious that he still cared about Nere and that Nere cared a lot about Dai, and towards the end of the third book the two started showing signs of affection toward each other again. We hope Polly Holyoke writes a bo…

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