Names aren't important, but what I'm about to tell you is. You are invading our turf.

Wasp to Nere Hanson, The Neptune Project

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Background information
Full name Wasp
Other names Wasp
Personality Cold, cruel, sociopath
Appearance(s) Short black hair,catlike amber eyes
Birthday N/A
Occupation N/A
Alignment Ran Kuron
Affiliations Kuron's
Home Unknown
Relatives N/A
Pets N/A
Allies Sham


Likes Dai
Dislikes Nere
Powers and abilities Venomous tentacles
Weapons Venomous tentacles
Fate Alive
Wasp is one of the Neptune children created by the rogue Neptune Project geneticist Ran Kuron.


Before The Neptune ProjectEdit

Several years before the start of the story, Kuron created Wasp and her allies in order to pursue his own twisted Neptune vision.

The Neptune ProjectEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Wasp is a thin girl with short black hair, catlike amber eyes, and high cheekbones. Because her DNA was spliced with that of a sea wasp, she wears gloves over her hands to avoid accidentally stinging anyone with her venom.


Wasp is depicted as being cold and murderous, as shown when she tried to kill Bria.

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